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Solo Training Drills Part 1 - Wing Chun, Kung Fu Report - Adam Chan - YouTube. These days you may not be able to find a partner to train with, so we're putting together a few videos to help you. Solo Training Drills Part 3 - Wing Chun, Kung Fu Report - Adam Chan

This video is part of our Hands of Wing Chun Series. Today we will discuss the Jum Sau, its purpose, applications, mechanics, and how to practice it solo wi.. Chain Punching - Wing Chun Drills Part 1 Solo Drills: 00:00:00: Course Reviews. 5. 5. 2 ratings. 5 stars 2; 4 stars 0; 3 stars 0; 2 stars 0; 1 stars 0; Sai Jun Mak 28 April, 2020 at 4:41 pm Reply. solo training . 5. Very good course for developing good solid basic skills due to high repetition these can be performed at. A great way to warm up at the start of a training session - I usually. Today we will discuss Wing Chun footwork. One thing to keep in mind is that these footwork movements are an exercise and not an application.We will also loo..

Wenn es um das Training für zuhause geht, dann bietet uns das Wing Chun unzählige Möglichkeiten. Die Formen sind wirklich nur eine Möglichkeit unter vielen. Und zudem kann man ja auch die Formen auf unterschiedlichste Art trainieren - Langeweile muss selbst nach Wochen und Monaten des Solotrainings nicht aufkommen Wing Chun lässt sich auch alleine trainieren. Solotraining muss nicht langweilig sein. Es gibt allerhand Möglichkeiten, dein Wing Chun Training abwechslungsreich zu gestalten. Und zwar selbst dann, wenn du die meiste Zeit nur alleine trainierst Improve your martial arts abilities by mastering the fundamentals of Sil Lim Tao Wing Chun form and its related techniques and drills. SIGN UP TODAY FOR OUR LEVEL 1 PROGRESSIVE, STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM We will introduce the concepts, explain each one of them with a demonstration, then follow up with detailed solo training methods

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Wing Chun Chi Sau Ring Training Techniques - YouTube. Chi Sau ringIn 1973 when I was teaching Wing Chun to my students, I noticed that most students have problems keeping their elbows in while. Info@imas-akademie.c Wing Chun Training Forms and Solo Training. Most wing chun styles use solo forms (prearranged patterns) as a primary method of practice. Trapping. All wing chun blocks are traps in a sense. They're all done with forward energy, with the purpose of jamming... Interception Drills. A simultaneous. The Mook Yan Jong—wooden dummy—is the ultimate solo training partner in Wing Chun, however, it can be very expensive to buy one, have one custom made for you or ship one from China—upwards of $2,500 in some instances! As such, if you want to make your own dummy, you want to be sure that your wooden dummy plans are on point. There are a number of options on how to make a dummy, and.

Solo Training Drills Part 1 - Wing Chun, Kung Fu Report

Wing Chun Level 1 - Complete. Save $59.9 by purchasing the Complete. Learn the fundamentals of Wing Chun in weekly and progressive lessons. Get detailed technique breakdown, solo training, power building tips and much more. * 1 month of FREE access to the Martial Arts Archives. * 30 days money back guarantee * $40 off Wing Chun Level 1 Course. Wing Chun has two different, yet very important types of training solo training and partner training. Neither can be exclusive to how you train Wing Chun. Both at-home training and partner training MUST be a part of a balanced Wing Chun training program. If it isn't you simply won't progress properly

Varianten der Holzpuppenform in anderen Wing Chun Stilarten; 5. Saam Sin Chong Fat (Tripodalform) - Zweite Soloform mit Trainingsgerät. Saam Sin Chong Fat (SSCF - Tripodal-Form) - die fünfte Solo-Form, auch Schrittform genannt. Gehört zum Chi Gerk Training, wird aber nur in wenigen Schulen unterrichtet Here's a beginners Wing Chun lesson (Wing Chun home training) that teaches a Wing Chun solo drill called Bong Wu, Tan Da. This Wing Chun drill uses pivots, called Juen Ma, to move the feet and hips from one angle to the next. A great Wing Chun home training drill for developing hand foot coordination as well as duality in both hands Wing Chun Online is your direct route to learning the dynamic art of Wing Chun Kung Fu quickly and safely from the comfort of your own screen - wherever that may be. Membership includes instant access to over 500 tutorial videos + instructors to answer your Wing Chun questions in our forum AN INTRODUCTION TO WING CHUN ONLIN Solo training is, more often than not, where the bulk of your Wing Chun training will take place. We have our three empty hand forms—Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Bill Jee—practicing in front of the mirror to get an idea of what you look like, and of course, practicing on the Mook Jong. Not everyone will have access to a Mook Jong at home, however, so one of the first things there is simply. Solo training drills part 2 for muk yan jong. Carroll Street Wing Chun Dunedin. 34 views · October 21, 2020. 14:26. Solo training drills part 3 For muk yan jong . Carroll Street Wing Chun Dunedin. 42 views · October 20, 2020. 3:23. That time in 2001 I got into a fight with my student because he supported a different Fish'n'chip shop.. Carroll Street Wing Chun Dunedin. 117 views · October 10.

Wing Chun Solo Training: Wooden Dummy Drills (4). During lockdown it's good to get creative with your Jong training, taking a few techniques, to practise on repetitive cycle to fine tune & hone.. WING CHUN SOLO TRAINING - LONDON ONLINE CLASSES Learn new skills this January. Join our online class then move into physical classes in Central London or Brixton as soon as rules allow. Move your body, build strength and flexibility, develop your mind-body connection and become an all round, kick ass, Kung Fu practitioner Rattan ring training is very versatile, especially for the solo practitioner. The Rattan ring Basic training technique. #wingchun #kungfu #martialarts #rattanring #kungfutraining #selfdefense #instacool #instagood #instaartist #kungfufighting #trainingforlife . A video posted by Enter Shaolin, LLC (@enter.shaolin) on Aug 5, 2016 at 3:16pm PDT. Tip: A good size Wing Chun Ring to use is one. Wing Chun is one of the traditional defense martial arts still being utilized today for its useful practicality. One of the vital principles you will learn when you begin your training on Wing Chun is the centerline principle. It says that you should always angle your body away from your opponent and yet control theirs when fighting. A basic understanding of how to manipulate your footwork. Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun Solo, Surakarta. 2,901 likes · 38 talking about this · 31 were here. Bagi rekan-rekan yang ingin mempelajari Traditional Ip..

http://wingchunclub.blogspot.comWing Chun TrainingHello, this is Ben Jacobsen with the Placerville Wing Chun Club. This is a video response to Sifu Zeigler's.. Drills are the staple of good Wing Chun. Footwork drills are vital. Train your biu ma with varied combinations of hand methods. Center punch while advancing forward is always good. Try it with different combinations too. Practice pivoting in the same way. Do ten or twenty reps slowly, focused on good form, then to ten to one hundred reps with full speed and power. This is basically just shadow. Introduction To The Wing Chun Ring: Lesson 21: Ring Training | Gun Sao Quan Sao: Lesson 22: Ring Training | Using The Po Pai Technique: Lesson 23: Ring Training | How To Maintain Your Center: Lesson 24: Ring Training | Striking And Control: Lesson 25: Solo Training - Slant Kick Combo: Lesson 26: No Wu No You: Lesson 27: Rice Trainer Drill Counter Striking | Pak Dar, Tan Dar: Lesson 28 : Ring. While training with real force is important, training without force is just as important. Our instructors will show you ways you should be training Wing Chun whether you have access to training partners or not. Live and Online Wing Chun training should be practiced regardless of shelter-in-place situations WING CHUN SOLO TRAINING - LONDON ONLINE CLASSES Learn new skills this January. Join our online class then move into physical classes in Central London or Brixton as soon as rules allow. Move your body, build strength and flexibility, develop your mind-body connection and become an all round, kick ass, Kung Fu practitioner. Weekly classes online Mondays and Wednesdays with a dedicated beginner.

Solo Training Drills Part 3 - Wing Chun, Kung Fu Report

When doing any kind of throw, you need to be able to connect to your opponent.literally. It's not a metaphor. How to make throws work in Wing Chun? Find his center (spine), connect all the way down, find the ground. It takes a lot of practice. Most importantly, GO EASY when you train this stuff. Note. Some of the hitting entries are from. After 30 years of martial arts experience and 20 years of Ving Tsun training, today I am very happy to spare Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun) practitioners the tortures of the past. Because in retrospect, the loss of time was worse than the loss of money. Regardless of your current graduation, you get structured and detailed information to bring your skill to the next level. If you need a non. Wing Chun Techniques Glossary . Article by Dan Knight added on 6 Aug 2012. Last updated on 23 May 2013. A glossary of Wing Chun hand techniques. This is a growing list of Wing Chun Techniques. You can click on the techniques to see pictures descriptions and information about them. Remember to check back for updates. Techniques In Chinese. Wing Chun Kung-Fu (a.k.a Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun, etc) is considered the world's most technically advanced and devastating form of hand-to-hand combat.It is the original mixed-martial art of ancient China. Called the sawed-off shotgun of the martial arts world, it can be learned very quickly and is designed specifically to defeat other martial arts as well as stronger, bigger, and faster opponents

Solo Training Drills: - Jum Sau PT 1 - Wing Chun, Kung Fu

Wing Chun Life doesn't endorse any particular school or lineage, 2019 WingChunLife.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Special thanks to Solo Build It . Information on this site is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. Don't attempt on your own; it's dangerous. Always seek peace, the high road, professional medical advice, and take responsibility for your actions.. Kombipaket: Wing Chun & Eskrima online lernen > Selbstverteidigung. Selbstverteidigung lernen - Schritt für Schritt > Blogartikel & Videos. Blogartikel >>> > 1.000 Wörter; 1.000 Wörter; Kampfkunst-Quickies; Kampfkunst-Lexikon; Videos >>> Lehrvideos; Meine Meinung; Lustiges; Sonstiges > Über uns. Warum unterrichte ich Kampfkunst online? Modul 10: Solotraining mit Hilfsmitteln. Wing Chun training can be broken down into four areas. Drilling. Either solo or with a partner. Drills are there to build muscle memory and automatic reflexes. Its repetition, repetition, repetition! Forms. These are a series of preset movements performed solo similar to kata in Japanese martial arts. There are three empty hand forms in Wing Chun kung fu: Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze. In this Course we´ll go over the most important self defence techniques and basic training in Wing Chun that you need to know for maximum progess. But what we won´t cover here are forms! Instead we´ll go over a lot of different applications and each application will be followed by some solo training. Because I think it is very important to know what you can train alone, as you probably won. Online Training Wing Chun Concepts Distance Learning Program. You are about to begin a journey into the Kung Fu Life. It will require discipline, hard work and perseverance. Studying through a distance learning program like this is even harder. You will have to be your own coach, supply your own motivation, and use honest self-evaluation to guide your progress. Before you continue the.

ВКонтакте - универсальное средство для общения и поиска друзей и одноклассников, которым ежедневно пользуются десятки миллионов человек. Мы хотим, чтобы друзья, однокурсники, одноклассники, соседи и коллеги всегда. Forms are solo exercises which develop focus, balance, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. The forms introduce the hand positions, techniques and defining movements of each progressive level of Wing Chun and provide a way to practice without a partner. Students begin their Forms training by learning the gross mechanical movements, simply learning the choreography of the sequence. Once. AZ Wing Chun University will give you the necessary tools to become a confident Wing Chun practitioner. Gain access to a large library of step-by-step video tutorials. Learn all the empty hand forms and associated drills in great detail. The drills are designed for solo or partner training! Other student resources include terminology as well as the internal and external development of Wing.

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When working with Wing Chun, doing exercises or forms, you might wonder why certain movements are used such as Jut-Sau and Fat-Sau. What is the purpose of using Jut Sau and Fat Sau in Wing Chun? We explore that in this video JOIN US AS WE discover THE DIFFERENT INTERPRETATIONS OF Wing Chun across the globe... show all articles; documentary; interviews; photography; video ; web; Gary Lam Wing Chun - Private Lessons---Video. Man Mo Temple---hong kong. Sifu John Wong Interview---Interview: SEPT 2017. Sifu John Wong Hong - A Wing Chun Legacy---video interview. Chu Shong Tin - The Hidden Power Of Siu Nim Tao. A great aid for solo training as well as line drills. Works for Wing Chun training as well. The arm position is not ideal for Wing Chun, but it still allows for many strikes and techniques to be practices with out the need to purchase a very expensive wing chun training dummy. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Previous page. Champs MMA Boxing. Ring training is a rare and almost forgotten aspect of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Very few teachers know how to use this ancient training tool. In this feature-length DVD, Todd Taganashi, 3rd Generation Wing Chun Kung Fu Expert, teaches his unique training system, which incorporates using the ring to polish five key movements of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Filmed in high quality HD at. Alles über Kampfsportarten: Liste mit 15 beliebten Sportarten Welche ist für wen geeignet Effektivster Kampfsport Jetzt zu DefPort

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In 2009, Sifu Gordon bought some land in the outback near Brisbane, Australia and dedicated it to Wing Chun, hence the name of his school - Outback Wing Chun. A 60sqm training deck has been built on the land with the view to promote cultural exchange. Sifu Gordon regularly visits Hong Kong to see Grandmaster Ip Chun and to Foshan to visit and train with Grandmaster Ip Chun's Wing Chun Family. This App is designed as an aid for solo training, it is not meant to replace Kwoon training under a Sifu in any way, rather to allow people to easily train certain aspects when not with in the Kwoon or with a partner. This is an ongoing project and any ideas or suggestions are very welcome Wing Chun is in danger of becoming a dinosaur or worse yet a religion. Who did what, where, when and why? Back in the mid-1850s, Leung Jan of Foshan {the creator of Wing Chun} was a doctor, herbalist and bonesetter working with the Red Boat Opera Troupe in Guangdong Province. From his experiences with the Martial Arts actors of the Red Boat Troupe, he formulated a new Martial System that he. Wing Chun is a simple but effective method of self-defense based in the traditional Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu. It is a relatively young system, but in the last few hundred years it has spread to every corner of the Earth because it is practical, can be learned in a short period of time, and can be practiced by people of all sizes and ranges of physical ability The Wing Chun Forms are solo training frameworks for you learn and Remember, these are based on how a Wing Chun practitioner use their arms and legs and the positions that they should be. The Wing Chun Forms in simple terms hold all of the Theories of the Wing Chun System and are identical to a road map to help the student find his/her way through the Wing Chun System. Pressure Testing System.

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  1. The only self-defense and combative martial arts school in Northern Thailand to offer training in Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Silat. Home | Core Combat Chiang Mai Core Combat Chiang Mai is the only self-defense and combative martial arts school in Northern Thailand to offer training in Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Wing Chun, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali), and Silat
  2. Wu-Man Sports ist die Schule für Kampfkunst und Selbstverteidigung. Seit 1994: Kung Fu (Wing Chun), Kick-Boxing und Kick-Power. Erfahren Sie mehr
  3. Training on a Wing Chun dummy quickly adds time toward your 10,000 hours Wing Chun mastery. By using your wooden dummy, you can maximize your solo training benefits, bringing you closer to your peak physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. Search and Buy Wooden Dummies on Amazon. Classic Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Books . Muk jong books are great resources because they often go into more.

Private Wing Chun Training 3/20. March 20, 2021 by Dan Ma Leave a Comment. Previous training consisted of two-person Bong Lap drills, and then a Dan Chi Sao refresher. Today my life-partner and I focused on turning and pad-work for punching and kicking with Sifu Ray at Lighting Hand Academy located in Portland, Oregon. Turning for my life-partner and I has been difficult. For me I have a. KNIFE DRILLS for Solo Training - Filipino Escrima Arnis Kali. Gain sensitivity and familiarity with the knife using this drill and advanced variations..

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En Adrenaline Training Center las artes marciales y deportes de contacto son nuestra pasion. Para todas las edades donde la entretención y superación son nuestro lema. Inicio. Quienes Somos. Nuestras Disciplinas. Información de interéz. Contactanos . Book Online. More. Log In. Top of Page; About; Services; Contact; entrena muévete compite. WING CHUN - KENPO - KICKBOXING. QUIENES SOMOS. Wing Chun Basic: Tan Sau exercises Kung Fu Report. Back To Kung Fu Report Share on facebook. Facebook Share on google. Google+ Share on twitter. Twitter Related Videos. Wing Chun Solo Training Drills Part 2. July 24, 2020. Wing Chun Solo Training Drills Part 1. July 16, 2020. Good structure kills your drills and that's... June 17, 2020. Prev Previous Wing Chun vs grabs, clinch. Next Evolution.

Wing Chun Basics - Solo Stepping Kicking Punching; Gary Lam Wing Chun - Los Angeles CA; Practical Wing Chun Australia - Wing Chun's 4 Corners; PVT Spain Homecoming 2019; Chi Sau Attack and Defend Drill Training; Moy Yat - Little Details Make The Difference; Chi Sau Applications with Wan Kam Leung; Happy Holidays From WCU Pdf files for Wing chun training rattan ring SharedManuals.com. 116 Wing Tsun Dummy - Night Ops. by Eric Oram Photos by Rick Hustead Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Principles Any Martial Artist Can Use 10. Shop for Wing Chun Rattan Ring Tsun Siu Lum Kung Fu. Free Shipping on orders over $45 at Overstock.com - Your Online Sports & Fitness Destination! Get 5% in rewards. Description:Used for. Has anyone ever taken the time to have the Sil Lim Tau Wing Chun Form explained to you? It's not easy, there are a lot of little nuances. Some of the concepts can only be learned and truly understood when you do the form many times. You need to take the time and do it very slowly. Adjust and repeat

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Jan 13, 2018 - Explore Jim T's board Movement Drills - Kali, followed by 316 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about martial arts, martial, filipino martial arts Wing Chun (chinesisch 詠春 / 咏春 - Ode an den Frühling) ist ein vermutlich im frühen 19. Jahrhundert entstandener ()chinesischer Kung-Fu-Stil - im Westen oft als Kampfkunst bezeichnet.Es wird manchmal aufgrund der Homophonie orthographisch auch mit den Zeichen 永春, yǒngchūn, Jyutping wing 5 ceon 1, kantonesisch wing chun - ewiger Frühling verwechselt, siehe Weng. Martial Arts Dummy Kali Martial Art Martial Arts Training Wing Chun Dummy Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Kali Escrima Art Of Fighting Martial Arts Techniques Combat Training More information People also love these idea

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  1. Grappling and punching dummies allow fighters to get quality solo training sessions in the privacy of their own homes. And if you're in the market for one, you've come to the right place
  2. Dec 20, 2017 - My Wing Chun Dummy Project took several days to complete. It was quite fun to build. I used a 5 foot long 1/2 inch thick PVC pipe for the project. The video.
  3. Everything you need to know about the Wing Chun Wall Bag Training Master Cameron % COMPLETE £25 30 Animals Solo Drills Available until . Great fun for kids as wells as adults while developing strength, flexibility, endurance and conditioning Master Cameron % COMPLETE £15 Life Time Memberships Available until . Up to 40% Discount from all our Online Courses, Plus Life Time Membership to Wing.
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Although there really is no such thing as a Wing Chun black belt, the closest equivalent to a black belt in Wing Chun is a sifu. So what is a Wing Chun Sifu and what does it mean to become a Sifu? Basically, becoming a Wing Chun sifu means that you have been certified by your teacher to teach others. It is recognition of your ability to pass on the knowledge that your teacher has taught. Through the use of solo forms, training equipment such as the wooden dummy and focus mitts, and two man drills, students develop the attributes of body coordination, sensitivity and leverage learning to apply the principles of Wing Chun in all situations including trapping, grappling and punching/kicking. Class will consist of sensitivity drills, learning to not resist what's taking place. Wing Tsun Home Training. daviswingtsun. How do we practice Wing Tsun or any martial art solo? There have been many periods of time that I Continue Reading → My Instructor Certificate - Chinese Version. June 7, 2019 daviswingtsun 307 Comments. I just got mine in the mail. I already have an English one - so why have this one? For Continue Reading → Memorial Day Seminar. June 1. Course Category / csl-wing-chun-training-drills-with-the-six-core-elements-course; CSL Wing Chun Training Drills with the Six Core Elements Course. All Courses 182; Order By: Viewing page 1 of 0 Wing Chun Drills Part 4 Advance Partner Drills. 0( 0 REVIEWS ) 97 STUDENTS. Price Options + $ 49.00 Weekly Access Year Full Access Weekly Mentor Year 2. Alan Orr. Viewing page 1 of 0 Search for a. Trainings; FAQ; Curriculum. Step-by-step approach in a safe environment from first being introduced to the Martial Objective which is the core of Wing Chun's theory and which in turn is backed up by pure physics, drilled & expressed in application through the introduction of the following curriculum: Form practice supported by solo drills based on form & functionality, Fundamental partner.

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Training in Chong's Martial Arts involves the development of the mind and body. The immediate benefits include conditioning, improvement of coordination and self-confidence. Specific drills will improve aerobics, flexibility and agility. Training with Sifu Chong affords one the opportunity to obtain skills beyond hand-to-hand combat! Try it Yourself. Sifu Eddie Chong's Wing Chun lineage in. Wing Chun Grappling #1. Wing Chun Grappling #2. Hand Immobilization Drill. Pak, Lop, Pak to Lop. Pak Sao Inside the Guard Hand. Pak Sao Trapping Outside the Guard Hand. Punching Behind the Guard Hand. Pak Sao to Jao Sao/Large Disengagement. Pak Sao Foundation Drill. Lop Sao Progression. Solo Training At Home Training. Sitting to Standing.

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Das Training kann grob in 4 Teile eingeteilt werden: 1. Teil. Am Anfang des Trainings werden die Solo-Formen unterrichtet. Unter Anleitung des Lehrers steht die Gruppe der Übenden vor Spiegeln und wiederholt Bewegungsabläufe, jeder für sich. 2. Teil. Danach werden in Partnerübungen Angriffs- und Verteidigungssituationen trainiert. Hier. Li-Ping Chang is Dan's first Wing Chun Teacher and an incredible source of wisdom for life and the Martial Arts Journey. We talked about how the Yin-Yang can become a guiding principle in training as well as Li's fascinating life story. And of course, sound design is done by Dan at his studio Irstad Recordings in beautiful Peekskill, NY Wing Chun's Power of Relaxation - Part 2 of 3 (HD) Wing Chun's Power of Relaxation - Part 2 of 3 (HD) - YouTube. Saved by paulbridge66. 2. Kung Fu Techniques Martial Arts Techniques Aikido Martial Arts Martial Arts Training Mma Boxing Boxing Workout Wing Chun Training Learn Tai Chi Chinese Martial Arts. More information... People also love these ideas. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Log in. Sign. Wing Chun Kung Fu training makes you stronger and more powerful from the inside out and is perfect for women! It's the gained technical skills that make the big difference to overcome brute force. Students with more advanced skills can outsmart a bigger and stronger training partner and control them with confidence. In our Ritual Fight Programs you learn a variety of self-defence scenarios how.

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JPX4 4 Shot Pepper Gun Compact. KNIFE DRILLS for Solo Training - Filipino Escrima Arnis Kali - YouTube. Saved by GLC Enterprises: Hidden Cameras, Self Defens The supplemental Wing Chun course includes all empty hand forms, drills, and Wooden Dummy form. The Online Membership Plus includes the above as well as two live online classes per week. Live classes are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights 8pm-9pm EST. Log in any 2 days you like! Classes are also recorded so you can view them afterward if you are unable to attend class 26 Years Solo; INTERVIEWS. Part 1 2010 Interview; Part 2 2010 Interview; Part 3 2010 Interview; Part 4 2010 Interview ; Part 5 2010 Interview; Part 6 2010 Interview; GO HERE. LINKS; ARCHIVES; ARCHIVES - 2013; ARCHIVES 2014; MEMBERS. VCK CLASSES; WORKSHOPS; CALENDAR; FORUMS; BLOG; VISITORS. JOIN SITE; Join Wing Chun; NZ WING CHUN SITE MAP; CONTACT US . THE ART OF INVINCIBILITY value loyalty. WSL Wing Chun in Malaysia. Wong Shun Leung, the legend. What is Wing Chun. Sifu David Peterson. Classes. Wing Chun Malaysia. Sifu David Peterson. Classes. Thursday. 7:30 pm - 9:30pm Old Klang Road 18B, Jalan Awan Hijau OUG, Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur Contact : Jon Dep email : jondep1972@yahoo.com Friday. 8:00pm - 10:00pm EX Martial Art Academy 56A, SS2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya (right. Nov 25, 2016 - Wing Chun Vancouver Class w Adam Chan: Book your FREE trial class at www.pragmaticmartialarts.com- Direct, fast, no nonsense self defence methods - Increas.. His students have earned top ranking at numerous local and national competitions in solo forms; bare-hand and weapons sparring; Sticking Hands (Wing Chun); and Pushing Hands (Taiji). Sifu Thomas has published articles on aspects of Wing Chun training and on the relation between Chinese medical theory and the practice of qigong/ch'i-kung (breathing exercise and meditation). His participation in.

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