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Atlas & Boots is an outdoor travel blog covering thrilling activities in far-flung places be it swimming with whales in Tonga or trekking volcanoes in Vanuatu. Although Peter Watson and Kia Abdullah started on opposite ends of the outdoor spectrum, over the years they drew each other towards the middle; to what they describe as outdoorsy-ish Many travel bloggers travel and review the places they stay in, the restaurants they eat in, and the local attractions that make any vacation all that more interesting. Many travel blogs are presented with the same professionalism that you would get from picking up a Vacation, an American Road magazine, or a National Geographic The travel blog is run by Nisa and Ulli Maier, a mother-daughter travel photography team who travel to off-the-beaten-path places while sharing exciting travel stories through writing and travel photography in a real, honest and sometimes sarcastic way. Their journey began with a twelve-month-long road trip on a 4x4 through Africa

These travel blog post ideas are great for when you're stuck at home and aren't sure what to write about next on your travel blog! Note: If you haven't already started your travel blog, be sure to check out my step-by-step guide How to Start a Travel Blog to get everything set up in less than an hour! Or sign up for my FREE five-day email challenge below to get your blog up and running. This list of 50 travel blog post ideas will talk you through different article types and give you all the inspiration you need to make your blog a success Today's blog post is going to be a different one compared to my usual travel-themed posts. My blog tends to fall in the travel category, however, I don't travel all the time *cries*. I didn't want to spend weeks until our next trip to post a blog post. After some major brainstorming and research, I came up with twenty blog post ideas to write when you're not travelling! This blog post.

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Scandinavian Standard is a minimal, sleek and sophisticated travel and lifestyle blog that is extremely easy on the eye. The design and layout make for a calm and relaxing environment. This ensures visitors are at no point overwhelmed with a magnitude of information, as so often is the case with jam-packed travel blogs 15 Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers. Written by: Amanda // Category: Travel Blogging. Hey fellow travel/expat bloggers! Today I'm here to share a little inspiration to help get you out of a serious case of writer's block. Trust me, you're not the only blogger to fall into the 'I don't know what to write about' rut. It happens to every single one of us and it sucks! First of all. 101 Great Blog Post Ideas for Travel Companies. 27 Nov. 101 Great Blog Post Ideas for Travel Companies. Posted at 05:29h in blogging, travel content by TravelContentCollective 0 Comments. 1 Like. In this, the digital age, it's safe to say that blogging is the go-to form of online marketing. It serves a multitude of purposes and can bring in lucrative business if done well. Blogging can. Anil Polat's tech guide to travel is the go-to blog for up-to-the-minute advice on wireless internet on the road, international SIM cards and exactly which chargers you should be taking with you. Read more over at Fox Nomad 3. Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destination When you blog about your travels, you write about your favorite destinations, your experiences, the nightlife, the people; why not post a recipe of that tasty dish you tried? This will add a totally new dimension to your blog and set you apart from other websites

Figuring out what to write on your travel blog can be tough, especially when you're not traveling 24/7. Coming up with an idea for a post that'll resonate with your audience takes time and effort, and it's certainly not something you want to be doing on the spot Here is a list of travel blog post ideas to continue to grow your travel niche blog when no one is travelling. This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure here. Dealing With The Current Situation. This is an unprecedented time. The. 20+ Travel Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers . Is travelling one of your passions in life? Are you so far gone that the frequency of your travels has led you to start a travel blog? If so, you might just be at a loss as to what to post next. Nowadays, there are so many travel blogs and social media accounts that it can be difficult to find a way to rise above the rest

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Amanda Williams is a travel blogger and adventure-seeker. Her travel blog, A Dangerous Business, is loosely based on her love of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which inspired her to travel to New Zealand after graduating from high school *Republished 8/22/2019 adding almost 60 additional travel blog post ideas!* Updated 2/22/2021. But first, let me inspire you to dream of traveling to Puerto Rico. Here is what to know before you go. And a stunning image of El Morro. It's easy in 2020 to imagine this scenario. In fact, we don't have to imagine at all; it's actually happening. There are no plans for family travel coming up.

When it comes to travel blog writing you might just need a few ideas to start you off, and then the creative juices will start to flow and travel blog ideas will be flowing out of you. Use two or three of these to get you started writing your travel blog Most popular travel blog posts: Traveling Europe by Campervan: Our Tips for Van Life Europe by Drifter Planet | Dec 6, 2019 | Most Popular Blog Posts, Road Trips. It has almost been a year that San and I bought a campervan. In this time, we have driven around Europe in our van from east to west and covered many countries. We have driven in 11 different countries on our campervan, that. The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel blog featuring travel tips, packing guides, videos and photography from around the world Create a list of travel blog posts ideas and give yourself blogging goals for creating new content. Posting content every day or even a few times a week is an unrealistic goal for me. If you get on this hamster wheel where you think you need to create a new post every other day, you're going to start to burn out. Quick. Think about creating a schedule that works for you. If you can't.

52 Travel Blog Post Ideas Travel Planning: How To Book The Cheapest Flights is a great idea for a blog post. Plus, it's a great way to get readers engaged, share affiliate links, and learn a tip or two from your readers. How Far in Advance to Book Domestic/International Flights makes for a great blog post. In addition to sharing your booking knowledge, share a recent buy and for how much. These travel bloggers literally influenced me to 'get out and travel'. Whether it was through their writing or creative media, they've inspired me to travel the world. Here are the top 10 travel bloggers you should already be following. 1. Dan Flying Solo. Daniel is a British bloke who works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet on the regular Chubby Diaries is run by Jeff Jenkins and focuses on plus-size travel. His blog tackles body shaming head-on and provides travelers of all shapes and sizes with resources and inspiration. His optimism and positivity are infectious and he never shies away from telling it like it is The travel blog of Nomadic Matt features tips and advice on how you can travel better, cheaper, and smarter so you can explore the world on a budget. Nomadic Matt's Travel Site. Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer. Search for: About; Blog. Latest Posts; 6 Reasons You Should Learn the Local Language Before Your Trip; Austin's Snowpocalypse: The Storm that Took the City Down; Oaxaca: An Even Bigger. Please visit my travel blog for a look at some of my travel musings. And I also invite you to visit my original blog (where there is also some travel content.) If you're looking for thoughts on Belgium, try this post there: . Good luck on your travels, and thanks for the follow on Twitter. I'm now following you as well. Lauren. December 2, 2010. Reply. Thanks Doreen! :) I definitely agree.

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  1. So, we've put together a huge list of 101 blog post ideas for your travel blog. Feel free to customize and expand on any these titles and build your travel website. How To Articles. Most online.
  2. This list is an attempt to highlight some of the best blogs about adventure travel that can be found on the web. The ranking was compiled tracking hundreds of blogs. The top sites that made this list are ranked according to Alexa (33.3%), Domain Authority (33.3%), Page Authority (33.3%) indicators. The list doesn't involve our personal opinion in any way
  3. ated world that having a blog on your website is an important element of your online marketing and that it can be used to help you get more traffic to your website and make more potential customers aware of your brand
  4. For example, let's say you wrote a post on your blog called The 10 Best Compasses For Travel and in that post, you listed 10 of the coolest compasses on the market. In this case, it would be quite easy to create a separate post for each of these compasses. The post could be more in-depth on that particular compass and you could link the individual compass article back to the main.
  5. Travel blog posts about the trips I took around the world; Listicles; How-to posts; Thought leader interviews; Resource roundups; Infographics; And more; I've written blog posts to sell products as a marketer, to teach, as a creative writer to share my art—but most of all, I've written blogs to connect with people all over the world. Even better, in experimenting with all of these.
  6. Travel videos have the effect of igniting the wanderlust inside all of us, inspiring us, and encouraging us to start doing something new with our lives. That is why I decided to write this article. I want to share with you, the 10 most inspiring travel videos that had the most impact on me when I was stuck in a cubicle, working in an office.

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Travel Hack Tip: Let me give you some advice if you're wondering how to write a blog post and actuall have it read! Make your post useful! Most people won't want to read about you - not an entire blog post about you anyway! They've come to your blog post for something useful or informative. But with lots of practice, you can make your. By: Joanna Goddard A Cup of Jo is a lifestyle blog with tons of content about relationships, fashion, food, travel, and motherhood.It's founded by Joanna Goddard who graduated from the University of Michigan in 2001 — now living in New York City. Joanna works with an in-house editorial team, which includes a couple of content writers..

Ellora's blog An insight into life as an au pair in Granada, Spain. Parker's blog Thoughts on working in a Ugandan school then a trip to Budapest. Brad and Leslie's blog A post-graduate couple explore the USA. Another Hodophile Becky's blog on her travels around Central America. TheGrownUpGapYear Stories from a mature traveller. NeverEverSayNo. What did you learn from the experience? Share your travel tips! Blog Idea #63. Share your top playlists. What's on your playlist at the moment? Do you have a special playlist for productivity, relaxing, or getting motivated? Blog Idea #64. Write a post that begins with Nobody knows that I What don't people know about you? Share a secret! These types of vulnerable posts are always. I really enjoy your top travel blog list in India post on your blog and am impressed by how well you've done with your blog. I have a travel category as main category on CrazeMag.in and I think your audience would appreciate our content. Would you be willing to review our travel posts quality and include our website to your to top travel blogger in India post? Reply. Anil Agarwal says: at. After all, the best travel blog post idea is totally pointless if no one ever views it! So in this guide, I'm going to tell you exactly how to find travel blog ideas that will actually draw viewers to your blog. When I first started blogging as a beginner, one of the most frustrating things was spending days writing a post only to post it and watch almost nobody read it. My first 10 posts. Or googling travel blog 2016 first post or my itinerary or travel plans or something like that should bring up recent posts from new blogs. There are also a ton of Facebook groups, like the Travel Bloggers group, and lots of others for newbies as well. Just have a search for Travel bloggers. Finally, you could look for other travel bloggers who are commenting on blog posts

Blog post titles that follow templates show lack of creativity. Also, due to the fact that they are being overused by many, they are boring. That's right. There is nothing special about creating another Tips For Working From Home title. Have you seen how many there are? Just type it in Google In order to catch people's attention, you need to make your title one of a kind. That's. Welcome to our blog page! Here you will find all of our posts about travel, living abroad and becoming a digital nomad. Be sure to check out our latest and greatest, plus our epic travel guides for dozens of countries and cities around the world. If you're looking to follow our journey and adventures, scroll to the bottom and check out the Our Story section. Enjoy! Nick & Dariece.

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  1. If you want your niche to be about travel, yet you do not travel, that's probably not a good niche for you. A good niche is one about which you have tons of knowledge, and would feel comfortable teaching others. It's a good idea to chose your niche before you launch your first blog post because your audience needs to know the purpose of your website as soon as they land on the homepage.
  2. Wie alle anderen Texte auf Englisch besteht ein Blogeintrag hauptsächlich aus: Einleitung Hauptteil Schlussteil Dazu solltest du am Anfang folgende Angaben machen: Titel Dein Name Datum und Uhrzeit z. B. YOUTUBE TEACHES BETTER THAN SCHOOL by Philipp, 5th October Nicht vergessen, wähle einen catchy Titel. Der Titel ist sehr wichtig. Er soll interessant und [
  3. Moreover, the blog has useful information for people who want to travel, including posts about visas, travel budgets, solo travel, and more. Main topics covered: travel, living abroad, female wellness Built with: Wanderland (WordPress theme) Main source of income: travel coaching, travel courses, retreat sales. 22. Travels of Adam Adam is a professional gay blogger who likes to share his.
  4. Longform blog posts about travel often end up being creative nonfiction: a way to present nonfiction — factually accurate prose about real people and events — in a compelling, vivid, dramatic manner. Photography can add another dimension to the form, as Emmanuel Nataf (our co-founder!) shows on his travel blog
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It's a great travel blog that talks about traveling on budget by providing a ton of information about tutorials, coupons, travel etc. How much will you get paid per post? You'll get $50 for every featured article that gets published on their site. Topics they cover: Travel blogging; Travel budget; Trips etc; What's the procedure for getting paid to blog on their site? You can find more. Blog posts are 3.5 times more likely to get shared on social media by my email subscribers. (me ) Blogging statistics like this one, are based on crunching the numbers from my own email list of 140,000+ subscribers and the more than 4.4 million readers I saw last year alone. If you want to learn more about how I've grown my blog to becoming a full-time business, pick up my free blogging. When it comes to blogging, nearly all of us would like more:. more readers; more comments; more links; more traffic; For writers who are trying to build their audience online, it's essential to learn how to write great blog posts.However, even if you've been blogging for a long time, it's difficult to figure out what your audience really wants, especially in terms of blog length A post on travel blog ideas wouldn't be complete without suggesting some how to posts. Your travel agency blog is just the place for this type of advice, too. How to pack for a hiking trip, how to rent a car in San Francisco, how to avoid sunburn in Costa RicaI could go on. Columbus Travel has regular posts on how to handle unexpected situations. Although they aren't titled as. Travel blog. 22 likes · 27 talking about this. all about travelin

Write a blog post and then write a few quotes from your blog post by hand. Scan it and then upload those into your posts. This will add a new creative twist to your blog post. 141. Let people hear your voice. Turn your posts into downloadable audio mp3 files. This is a fun way to be unique since people sometimes get sick of reading a ton of. A travel blog is a good way to document and share your love of travel, but it also brings about the potential for income. First decide whether you'll be blogging for passion or profit, then follow these guidelines to help you with the specifics of how to start a travel blog

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6 Things to Know Before You Start Your Travel Blog. Blogging is work - If you're hoping to create a profitable travel blog and/or use your blog to support your travels, you're going to have to dedicate time and effort to it. You're going to spend a lot of time in front of your computer. There are many time management skills you can learn to ensure you always have time to do this and. The start of your blog post matters. But so does the end. In fact, without a powerful end to your post, all the work that you put into the title and paragraph one is wasted. Because the end of your post is what keeps your readers coming back for more. Here are seven powerful ways to end your post. 1. Sum up your key message. Sometimes, you need to hammer a point home. The final few lines of. If you find this post helpful, please share these blog post title ideas on Pinterest so other bloggers can benefit, too!. Need content? Here are 175 blog post ideas for beauty and lifestyle bloggers. #beautybloggers #contentmarketing Click To Tweet. FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a small referral fee from purchases at no additional cost to you 120+ Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas: Since this list is so long, I tried to break it into categories to keep it somewhat organized and maybe spark some of your own ideas! Round Ups and List Ideas For Blog Posts: 1. Round up your favorite posts from other bloggers on a topic. 2. Your favorite blogs to read [RELATED] 10 Inspiring Millennials. 3. For example, your travel blog's indirect competitors could be food or lifestyle bloggers who also share about their personal travels. Substitutes - competitors that offer something users can choose over your product/services. For example, users can choose to use Lonely Planet guide books or YouTube videos over reading your blog

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So if you're writing a blog post about finding blog post topics, whatever strategy/strategies you plan to include, make sure you try them. And the see the results for yourself. The Internet is full of re-hash content with shit load of ideas that nobody ever tries. So in a world where people are striving to outperform reach other with quantity, focus on quality that your readers can actually use The selection of post variations in this travel blog theme provides lots of options for how each piece of content is presented. Thanks to this, creating list articles like the top 10 destinations in Asia and publishing photo galleries on the travel blog is very straightforward. There are also multiple header and navigation bar layouts to choose from, including fixed and floating headers as. A Lady in London is a global travel blog featuring all things lovely London and beautiful travel. A Lady in London. And Traveling the World. Menu. Home; About; Travel Planning; Events; Coaching; eBooks; Gifts; Advertise ; FAQ; Contact; Lady's 11 Best Islands to Visit in Scotland. Today I want to share my top picks for the best islands to visit in Scotland. This part of the UK is packed with. Get the Latest Pakistan News, News Update From Pakistan. Express Tribune brings the latest Pakistan news headlines, breaking news Pakistan and Pakistan News today

The travel, tourism and hospitality industry has been decimated by the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Countries are still actively battling the deadly virus but societies and industries are now also looking to rebuild and reemerge from the crisis blog about Travel, Freelance and Education. rolandinsh.com blog about Travel, Freelance and Education. open. rolandinsh.com; Freelancing; Traveling; PhotoBlog; Gear; Write for Us! ARCHIVE; Advertise here ; rolands.eu; rolands.in; LV; Guest posting. So easy to mess it up! rolandinsh | Jul 16, 2018; 19:38 Time after time I like to publish some guest posts. But lately I am VERY selective about. Writers are known to have received £220 for their feature articles (with article length around 1000 words). 3. Great Escape Publishing - $50 to $200 per post. Great Escape Publishing focuses on the craft and business of getting paid to travel. Their audience contains people who are mostly looking for opportunities where they can get paid to travel -photography, travel writing, tour guide. Raising your family as a traveler; Traveling family; Family meal planning; Kid-friendly recipes; Managing a big family; Budgeting for a big family ; Swaddles n' Bottles. Caroline's blog, Swaddles n' Bottles, is a wonderful blog for new modern moms! Her blog is filled with helpful blog post ideas for the new mom from breastfeeding to toddler activities. Her blog attracts a varied audience.

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I just saw your updated version of this blog post. Thanks for the link to the title generator. I hadn't used than one before. It does produce a few results that made me chuckle (for example, when I entered 'Travel Luggage' it suggested something slightly vulgar and Everything I Know About Travel Luggage I Learned From Donald Trump) — but setting those aside, it did produce some. The latest travel information, deals, guides and reviews from USA TODAY Travel Small Blog Post «Travel is the healthiest addiction» 2 0 By Scott Jackson Lifestyle August 28, 2019. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod magna aliqua. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea.

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Blog Post Ideas That'll Teach and Instruct Your Audience. Beyond just the more top of the funnel educational content you're publishing, take some time to generate specific blog post ideas that take a more granular, step-by-step instructional take to solving your readers biggest challenges. These kinds of in-depth, highly tactical blog post ideas will help build much more meaningful. Small Blog Post «Travel is the healthiest addiction» 2 0 By Nathan Matthews Lifestyle August 17, 2019. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod magna aliqua. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea. To promote your blog posts, always add a link to your pin descriptions to increase clicks to your site, because users can click on the pin to actually travel to your site. Add calls to action (e.g., Repin, Read More, Learn More, or even Buy Now) in your description to encourage followers to engage ≠Travel&Blog. 23 likes · 1 talking about this. Recreation & Sports Websit

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In nur 3 einfachen Schritten deinen Blog erstellen. Jetzt kostenlos starten Posts navigation. Older posts → Über Uns. Schön, dass du hier bist! Wir sind Franziska & Judith von Good Travel. Auf unserem Blog schreiben wir über bewusstes und nachhaltiges Reisen. Wir möchten euch auch Menschen und Orte vorstellen, die uns besonders inspiriert haben. Wir wünschen dir viel Spaß beim Stöbern auf unserem Blog! Mehr erfahren . Social. Instagram. Heute starten wir als. Von der Weltreise zum Travel Blog. Mein eigenes Reise Blog Travel on Toast habe ich 2012 nach einem Jahr Weltreise gegründet. Es gehört zu den Top 10 der deutschsprachigen Reiseblogs - etwa laut der Wahl Reiseblogs des Jahres 2020 von Touristik Medien.. Ich erreiche bis zu 140.000 Leser pro Monat und habe rund 66.000 Social Media Follower The Travel Blog Site, Create free travel blogs to share with friends, family and the world. Join the World's Friendliest Travel Community All blog posts are now password protected. In order to view past and current blog posts, you must subscribe by providing your name and email address in sign up Cytology; Travel; Protected: What Matters Most. TheTravelingCytotech; August 14, 2020 October 2, 2020; There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Travel; Protected: Home Sweet Home. TheTravelingCytotech; July 5, 2020.

We ran across her blog years before we got to Africa and I always remembered how informational so many of her posts were. She has some really great budget guides for traveling around East Africa that I would recommend to anyone wanting to do the solo travel thing. I loved her take on solo female travel in Africa. She now is running her own tours across the continent. So, if you're not quite. About This Blog; Contact Me; Disclaimer ; Work with me; UK Travel. All my posts about travel in the UK! From staycation guides for Brits looking to explore more of their home country, to information for people travelling to the UK from abroad. Scroll down to see all the posts in this category, or use the table of contents below to head straight for the right location Break it down: England. I have already shared 30 Instagram Hashtags to Get Your Travel Photos Featured.But I wanted to go into a little more detail for those travel bloggers out there like me. This will also give you more of an idea on what's inside my Ultimate List of 3,000+ Travel Hashtags for Instagram, especially for anyone who is still on the fence about investing $19.95 towards your journey as a.

Ultimate Bora Bora Travel Blog Post: Everything You Need To Know About Traveling to Bora Bora. Mona Corona Islands, Oceania, Travel, Uncategorized Bora Bora, Bora Bora Holidays, French Polynesia, Guides, Itinerary, Moorea, Tahiti 11 Comments. Out of all the destinations I've been to, Bora Bora is the one trip I get asked about the most, and for good reason. Overwater bungalows sprawled. BLOG POST REQUEST. Don't see travel tips for a destination you're traveling to? Want a guide for a destination I've shared on my Instagram? Your wish is my command! I share 5 blog posts every week and will do my best to create one based on your request! Please Note: Because I get hundreds of requests, you will not get a response unless I create the post! In the meantime, please refer to my FAQ.

Years ago I started a blog about travel hacking and collecting credit card miles and points. I had a lot of experience with this, and I figured I could teach others to do the same. Over the first month of the blog I gained quite a bit of traction. I was featured by one of the top travel hacking blogs in the world and received thousands of visitors. A few weeks later, I shut the thing down. Why. Which types of posts do you write? Do you have any awesome series that people should know about? Where should they start? Why does your blog have credibility? This one is pretty flexible. You could list the big-name sites your content has been shared on, talk about how you have X years of experience in a particular field, OR you can let your readers know that you're still learning, too, but. As with many travel blogs, my site has a raft of destinations and topics and therefore keywords work well for posts but not so much for the whole site. Unless you opt for something generic like 'world travel on a budget' or 'backpacking the world' which is still going to relate to a huge number of sites. Is it best to focus on post SEO and less so about whole site? As per the theory around.

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Your tip and starting a blog post with a thought-provoking question is such a wise idea because I agree that it would catch the reader's attention quickly. I'll try to look for more tips on how to start a business blog, but thanks a lot for this! Reply. shoaib says: March 9, 2020 at 2:08 am. Thank you so much, these tips will really help me in the opening of my new blogs. There were some. Blog Post Ideas for Beginners. Maybe your challenge is not where to do your writing, but what to blog about. Regularly coming up with blog post topics doesn't have to be difficult. I believe your first blog post ideas should come from a place of passion. Set a timer for five minutes. Write out as many answers as you can think of to the. In your blog post, explain why you'd meet that person and what you'd talk about. What would you do afterward, if anything? 97. Share Shocking Customer Service Stories. You might have heard about the viral Comcast customer service story from back in 2014. Someone tried to resolve an issue, but Comcast made it near impossible to achieve. Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger had his own experience. Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle Blog von Carmen Kroll. Diese Website verwendet Cookies, um Ihre Erfahrungen zu verbessern, während Sie durch die Website navigieren The ClaimCompass Blog Best Travel Food Blogs: The 10 You Need to Know. If there is one thing I love just as much as traveling and helping air passengers get a flight compensation at ClaimCompass, it's definitely eating.. I think that if the world would ever run out of air, I'd still be able to survive just on food

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Get your notepad ready because today on the blog you'll be treated to 25 copy-and-paste blog templates you can use on your blog right now. Originally, when this blog post was first published in February of 2012 (a looooong time ago in blog years), Kim Roach from Buzzblogger.com was kind enough to share with us her 17 ideas for blog posts. In this new-and-updated version, I've added 8 of my. This past weekend I gave a lecture at Food Blog South in Birmingham, Alabama. The title of my speech was 10 Food Blog Posts That'll Get You Traffic and though I was slightly nervous going in-this was my first time both attending and speaking at a food blog conference-I felt validated, after it was over, by the many people who thanked me for my presentation An travel blog about a real family living life differently. Home; Blog; Podcast; Now; Start Here; About Us; Contact; Destinations; Select Page . LATEST TRAVEL BLOG POSTS. Typical Brit! 12 (Annoying) British Habits. She's a typical Brit. I've heard that saying more times than I've had hot dinners in the past twelve years. And right there is a perfect example of typical British ways. Right.

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